Friday, July 15, 2011


Strawberry season has pretty much ended here in Wisconsin, but I made it out the pick-your-own farm twice while it lasted. The first time I did some serious picking with my Mom, sister, Chloe, and Arianna while the rest of the kids stayed home with my Kevin's parent. The second time, I went with my sister-in-law, and we took my 4 oldest, and her 2 boys, and left Max behind with Grandma. We use the strawberries to make jam, and also freeze them whole for smoothies. My standard jam is a freezer jam using Ball Instant Fruit Pectin. Most of the jam I made this year (about 28 pints) was made using the pectin, and stored in peanut butter jars in the freezer. For fun, I wanted to also try something different. I used this recipe, and the results were fabulous, though much more time intensive than my old standard.

 My "Helpers"

Max found a strawberry someone dropped on the floor, and was thoroughly enjoying it when I caught him. I transferred him to the highchair, and he made a huge mess ate lots of strawberries while Chloe and I worked on cleaning them.

Chloe was a great help getting them clean. It's so nice as the kids get bigger, that they can work along side me instead of just creating chaos.

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