Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet Max is 1!

So Max turned one almost a month ago, and is definitely a toddler now. He started walking about a week before his birthday, and is starting to say a few words. He climbs on everything, and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. 

He is such a sweet little boy. He adores his older siblings, as well as all four of his grandparents. 

Arianna holds a special place in his heart. A few weeks ago, the girls were singing in the choir at Mass. When they came down to receive the Eucharist, Max saw Arianna and got very excited, only to become very upset when she didn't stop for him, but turned around and walked away. His little heart was broken that one of his favorite people could just leave him like that. Frequently he is cranky and ready for a nap in the afternoon when Arianna gets home from school. It is so cute (and a little obnoxious) when she gets exasperated with me for allowing him to get cranky and overtired, then she takes him and rocks him to sleep.

The week after his birthday, Max received his first haircut. I hated to cut his wispy curls, but the mullet was getting a little ridiculous. I put his little blond curls in a bag, and they are sitting on my desk. I didn't save any of my other kids' first hair trimmings, so I feel a little silly hanging on to his. I think that I am getting more sentimental as I see how quickly the older kids grew and how much I don't remember about their early years.

One of Max's favorite activities is dumping out the dog dishes and throwing dog food around the kitchen. He also likes to cram his mouth full of dog food and laughs gleefully when I attempt to dig it out.

Max has discovered books, and likes to carry one over to Kevin, and then sit on his lap and look at the pictures and give his opinion in gibberish and growls.

Max's current vocabulary consists of "uh oh", "mama" and "no". He can sign "more" and "all done", and is fluent in gibberish.

Max shares a bedroom with Isaac and Joseph, but still occasionally wakes up during the night for some snuggles and nursing, usually when he has a cold or is cutting teeth. I try not to be cranky about it, because, as my mom always says, "this too shall pass" and soon enough this season will be a distant memory. Don't grow up too quickly!

Happy first birthday, Max. We love you to pieces.

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