Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The End of Spring

 Last week, I wanted to take advantage of the irises before they faded, and get some pics of the kids.

This one is a little blurry, but classic Joseph grin.

Sophie has been getting overly confident, trying to pick Max up.

Sophie and her wild hair- it matches her personality :)

Look at those dimples!

I can't believe spring went by so quickly. It was an odd one, with the weather swinging back and forth between unseasonably warm and unseasonably cold.

 Now, just a week later, the irises have faded, and summer is "officially" here.

 The irises have a licorice- like scent, that I have never noticed before.

Max thinks that the sole purpose of going outside is to eat whatever he can grab and shove in his mouth before someone catches him.

"What sort of mischief can I find now, mother?"

Max likes to suck on his lower lip- it is cute, but possibly something I may want to discourage, less it become a bad long term habit.

I love the action pictures on the swings.

Isaac arrived home from tee-ball in time to get in on the fun.

Max was "cat crawling" trying to stay up off the grass.

Just before landing.

Max noticed Kevin and made a beeline for him.

 Almost there!

Welcome summer, goodbye spring.

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